Rounak Verma


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Skills Offered

  • - Marketing
  • - Strategic Marketing
  • - Advertising
  • - Seo
  • - Business Development
  • - Networking
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Concept Development
  • - Pr
  • - Customer Insight
  • - Branding

Personal Introduction

Rounak is yet to share this information.


Rounak is yet to share this information.


A Jack of all, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. As a recent marketing graduate, I am excited to bring my passion and enthusiasm for the field to a new opportunity. With a strong foundation in marketing principles and a diverse skill set, I am eager to learn and grow with a dynamic team. Throughout my studies, I have gained a broad understanding of marketing strategies, from social media and content marketing to data analysis and customer relationship management. I have also had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, ranging from market research to event planning. I am a hardworking and adaptable individual, with a strong desire to learn and improve my skills. I believe that my diverse skill set and willingness to take on new challenges make me a valuable asset to any team. I am confident that my passion for marketing, combined with my strong work ethic, will make me a valuable addition to your company.

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