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To give African children the opportunity to access a broader education, whilst empowering them with vital ICT skills.  The newly acquired skills will help to increase career and earning potential in later life which in turn will help to lift entire families out of poverty.


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For Africa   We supply IT hardware to schools, hospitals and community projects to 17 countries in Africa; just one computer can impact up to 24 lives. We fight for empowerment sand education of Africa’s people, particularly their students and children. We promote career paths, especially for girls, and equality. We are narrowing the digital divide between developed and developing countries. We are helping to break Africa’s poverty cycle by giving them the means to support themselves, not only through better education but also career paths. We fund and deliver training of IT to Africans each year. We build classrooms in African communities, by reusing shipping containers.     For UK Organisations   We offer a cost free solution to business, charities, schools and other organisations that need to scrap of their outdated IT equipment. We fully comply with WEEE (Waste Electronical and Electronic Equipment) legislation. We provide the best Green IT solution in the UK for IT disposal. We data wipe all equipment up to Department of Defence standard. We help to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility targets. We are a Microsoft registered refurbisher. We benefit from reuse and add up to five years extra life to your old computers.

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