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Nick Fellows

Chief Officer


Our vision is to help make Wokingham Borough a better place to live by improving people’s health, well-being and independence. We promise to do this whilst staying true to our values. Our mission is to provide the best service we can to those who need help and support in Wokingham Borough. We will do this by delivering existing services and looking to enhance and expand our services in line with identified needs and our areas of expertise. Our purpose is to provide support for vulnerable and elderly people within Wokingham Borough through the provision of volunteer led, low cost services to enable them to continue to live in their own homes and to provide volunteer brokerage for residents, voluntary and charitable organisations within the Borough


Care for the Eldery

Additional Information

The Wokingham Volunteer Centre works with other charities and community groups in the Borough to help attract and recruit volunteers, from all walks of life and in support of all causes. We seek to promote the benefits of volunteering for the individual as well as the beneficiary; we aim to make volunteering accessible to anyone, whether time-limited, of any age, background or ability. Our objective is to raise awareness and visibility of The Wokingham Volunteer Centre, to make it the go-to organisation for anyone wishing to volunteer in Wokingham Borough and to present ourselves as a modern and attractive brand. We also seek to attract volunteers for the projects we run that support older adults who are lonely and cannot get to vital medical appointments or manage to keep their gardens safe and tidy and have no one able to help them.

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Sep 10, 2023

Help us spread the word about volunteering!


We are a small charity with a big mission. Covering the whole of Wokingham Borough, we work with other charities and community groups that depend on support from volunteers to help them deliver their services to local people in need. Demand for support has never been higher and our mission right now is to make sure everyone in the Borough who could volunteer, knows about us and the opportunities we can provide. We want to utilise the power of social media to get our profile up, get more widely known and create greater visibility and awareness of volunteering opportunities - and why it's needed - throughout the Borough.

Skills Required

  • Social Media Marketing

Posted on Jul 25, 2023

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