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Hajji Mostafa Mohammad Karim

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How might we resolve the global Muslim marriage crisis?With many educated Muslim women experiencing difficulties in finding compatible partners in the deen, there has been a rise in the numbers of single, professional Muslim women, and their increased ages have become such a significant issue that it has been referred to in some British and International Muslim circles as the Muslim Marriage Crisis. Most Muslim women look to marry someone they can connect with and in the faith.Countless Muslims end up alone or divorced because they left the search too late or in the hands of the "Aunty's network!" or traditional websites and marriage bureaus that have failed them. They have endured years of disappointment, heartache and poor mental health. By the time Muslims reach their late twenties and thirties, many of their peers are married, and the pool to choose from has narrowed considerably already, so the search needs to start early.Finding this combination of faith and chemistry may not be easy, as many Muslims live as a minority within a minority. This is what we are providing: a large pool for the Ummah. We are connecting all Muslim students from Islamic Societies (ISocs) from all UK and international universities and a vast pool of young professional Muslims whose identities have been digitally verified, further increasing the chances of success.As a community, we must support and uplift those struggling with divorce or singlehood, providing them with resources and emotional support to navigate these challenges and find a path towards a fulfilling and happy life. By promoting a positive and supportive environment for marriage within our communities, we can empower our youth to embark on this beautiful and blessed journey towards completing half their Deen and contributing to a more harmonious and thriving society.


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We are the world's only Certified Social Enterprise Muslim matrimonial brand focused on digital security, activism and creating social impact in the world's largest matrimony market. UK studies show that romance fraud cost the UK public almost £92m in 2021. MMS has pioneered many innovations, including a partnership with Yoti, a Certified B Corporation and the world leader in AI-powered biometrics, to minimise the risks of deception and predation prevalent on many matrimony & dating sites. Our patent-free Dynamic Guardian Monitoring System plays a vital role in preventing child and forced marriages underscoring our commitment to providing an ethically conscious platform for Muslims seeking marriage. The service is run on Islamic principles by Hajji Laird Mostafa.

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