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The Charity & Society Hall of Fame (Charity Hall for short) is a brand new initiative. Below we have set out our Mission and Objective plus some brief points on the Whys and Hows of what we want to achieve. Charity Hall will be the first initiative of its kind in the UK and, we think, the world. Creating a digital space to honour and celebrate the social pioneers that have made our nation a better place for everyone, Charity Hall will create a living archive that showcases civil society’s rich and diverse history and recognises the movers and shakers that are busy building a better society today. Initially digital, Charity Hall will seek to tour the UK with exhibitions and educational workshops and ultimately seek to establish itself in a permanent space through creating a Museum for Good. Inspired by the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, each year Charity Hall will induct a mix of current and historic people and organisations, including celebrities and public figures, via a nominations process that reaches into communities across the UK. Whilst initially UK focused our aim is to unite the world’s non profit heroes, enabling each nation to honour its own people under the umbrella domain of


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Brand: we need a logo and accompanying brand guidelines (tone of voice etc); the brand needs to reflect the ambition and scope of the Hall’s mission, embracing its desire to honour and celebrate our social innovators and raise the profile and impact of the civil society sector on the fabric of our nation - both past and present. Our brand also needs to be friendly, warm and welcoming - without being too stereotypically ‘charity’. Whilst charity’s and the people behind them will feature prominently in the Hall, we will also be seeking to include campaigners, activists and in some cases people that made themselves unpopular in order to make change happen - many of them would not have been part of the traditional charity sector nor see themselves as charity people. Strapline: do we need one or does the Hall speak for itself? Honouring the Heroes of Humanity is just an example A brand workshop will help us to expand on the personality in more detail. Holding page: we need to get out a holding page for our domain asap - our aim is to trickle out details of the Hall before we issue our first call for nominations in late 2024. Website: this will be critical for the Hall and be the first place that people visit to find out about the Hall and the Inductees. The site needs to be easy to use and navigate and reflect the brand personality; our inductees are our core content so it needs to showcase them in a way that embraces contemporary design - without being too fussy or clever - and communicates their humanity and warmth as individuals and non profit organisations; Multi media - from vintage photos and artwork to voxpops and video accessible for people with visual impairments Shareable with all consumer social media platforms (we will have our own channels on TikTok, Instagram, Threads and X) Comms/PR strategy: we need to plan our launch comms, including a social media strategy, to issue our call for nominations and to announce and promote our first ‘Class’ which will be Inducted in 2025. Ideally we’d would like to secure the support of a pro bono aganecy but if we are unable to achieve this our comms strategy needs to be simple enough to be administered by the Hall’s founder and team of volunteers. It will need to include: Elevator pitch that enable us to quickly communicate the Hall’s mission and aims Sound bites for social media Copy to help us populate a pitch deck to sponsors and funders Copy for the website (some of this may be produced through the branding work)

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