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Darol Lucas

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At Single Fathers Network, we are dedicated to providing single fathers with A Blueprint for Single Fatherhood. Our mission is to empower and support single fathers by offering a comprehensive range of resources and services tailored to their unique journey. Through our three core nonprofit programs - Legal Document Preparation Services, Mental Health Services, and Financial Literacy Services - along with an array of educational content including our blog, podcast, merchandise and more, we equip single fathers with practical solutions for legal, emotional, and financial needs. We foster a community of mutual support, emphasizing inclusivity and respect for all parents, regardless of family structure. Our goal is to be the ultimate resource hub for single fathers, guiding them towards success in their vital role as parents. To achieve this mission, we plan to: Offer a wide range of resources and services that address the unique needs and challenges faced by single fathers. This may include legal assistance, financial planning, therapy and counseling, and physical health and fitness programs. Create a supportive and inclusive community for single fathers. This may include online forums, support groups, and social events where single fathers can connect with one another and share their experiences and resources. Build partnerships with other organizations that share our mission of empowering single fathers. This may include legal firms, mental health providers, health care providers, and financial advisors. By working together, we can provide a more comprehensive support system for single fathers. We strive to create a culture of support and empowerment for single fathers and to be a beacon of hope for them, that they know they are not alone, and they are not alone in their struggles. Through our resources, services, and community, we aim to be a single source and solution for single fathers looking to improve their well-being and strengthen their families. We are dedicated to helping single fathers to achieve their full potential, and to build strong, loving families.


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Envisioning a world where every single father is equipped with A Blueprint for Single Fatherhood, Single Fathers Network strives to be the foremost advocate and resource hub for single fathers. We envision a community where single fathers are empowered, supported, and connected, navigating their roles as parents with confidence and competence. Through our comprehensive programs, educational content, and innovative technologies, we aim to revolutionize the single fatherhood experience. Our vision is to foster a society that recognizes and celebrates the strength and resilience of single fathers, ultimately leading to a brighter future for families everywhere. To see this vision through, we plan to: Expand our partnerships with legal firms, mental health therapists, physical health specialists, financial advisors, and social conventions and groups, in order to provide a wide range of resources and services that address the unique needs and challenges faced by single fathers. Increase our reach by expanding to new locations and communities, so that more single fathers can access our services and resources. Continuously evaluate and improve our services and resources in order to ensure that we are meeting the evolving needs of single fathers and their families. Invest in digital and virtual platform to reach more fathers and to provide more flexible and accessible resources and services. Develop programs that focus on fathers of different backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic status to ensure that all single fathers are being served and supported. We believe that by working together with our partners and continuously improving our services, we can create a brighter future for all single fathers and their families. Our vision is to be a beacon of hope for single fathers, and to empower them to build strong, loving families and to achieve their full potential.

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