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Tatiana Powell

Director/Project Manager


EOTOUK is dedicated to addressing the pressing issues of gangs, crime, violence, and deprivation among young people in our community with a specific focus on the challenges faced by young people but specifically, black men and women in Bristol Our holistic approach addresses the multifaceted nature of violence, disaffection, racism, transgenerational trauma, and toxic masculinity. By offering a tailored response through re- education programs, mentorship, mental health support, and skill development opportunities, we collectively address the underlying factors driving issues within this generation. Our workshops, seminar and retreats incorporate wellbeing, rites of passage, life skills, mentoring, therapies and motivational speakers to empower and uplift. We believe that collective action is the most effective way to address these challenges and create a brighter future for our young people. Our approach involves uniting individual practitioners, community groups, businesses, charities, schools, and community centres at the grassroots level to set an agenda based on the needs expressed by young people. We prioritise listening to our youth, responding to their needs, and empowering those on the ground who work directly with them. We facilitate and coordinate workshops and seminars for young people and youth provision services. We support the creation of pathways in to education and employment for young people. We create events, trips and courses that holistically empower young people.


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We are looking for support to build our capacity to facilitate and financially support our goals. we would like help building our brand and marketing our goals. We need support to build a sustainable business that supports our community and the social ills that impact young people and their families. Our focus is getting young children off the street, away from gangs and into a lifestyle that promotes health, education and career goals and community cohesion.

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Feb 16, 2024

funding raising and promoting our agenda


We are seeking support to build our brand and source investors and funding.

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  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Pr

Posted on Nov 16, 2023

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