Laura Hampton

Head Of Content Engagement

I am available to help, please get in touch.

London And Nottingham

Skills Offered

  • - Web Development
  • - Marketing
  • - Strategic Marketing
  • - Seo
  • - Graphic Design
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Pr
  • - Customer Insight

Personal Introduction

Zabisco are a digital user experience agency who produce engaging designs and content for websites and mobile. We work with clients of all sizes and sectors on strategy, production and sustainable online marketing. Zabisco on Twitter Zabisco on Facebook Zabisco on LinkedIn Contact Us


  • View more about our credentials.

  • We are currently doing a lot of work in mobile for charities and also creating infographics for our own use and for clients. We'd be really interested in creating more infographics for charities.


We've worked with a range of charity clients, the majority of those over the past 12-18 months, so our experience is right up to date and our insights are still relevant. Our portfolio includes smaller charities like Headway, HLG and CIC as well as larger charities like the British Heart Foundation (BHF), British Red Cross and NSPCC. You can view examples of our work in our Portfolio. As a user experience agency, we specialise in taking a user centred approach to all we do so, as well as having worked with charities and understanding their needs, motivations and the problems they face, we've also done a lot of research into charity audiences and how best to communicate with and engage them. We also blog about our work with charities - take a look at our charity blog.

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