The Larder

Angela Moohan

West Lothian Scotland


The Larder aims to be the catalyst in breaking cycles of unemployment by reducing barriers to sustainable employment. We will do this through the delivery of high quality training and employability services that are led by the learner; inspiring them to have individual aspiration and take on learning that will ultimately improve their quality of life.    The business idea has two aspects to it; the development of the training centre, with an integrated and sustainable food hub. The food hub will enable us to use food as the tool for change either through growing, buying and selling, or cooking and eating it; developing essential life skills and contributing to a healthier life style for learners.



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We are interested in hearing from people who can help in terms of market research, brand development and website and SEO development.  We are also recruiting new people to our board and are particularly looking for professional with strong business development and strategy skillsas well as marketing and PR.

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