Samrong Farm Orphanage

Ollie Smallwood


To offer underprivileged children opportunities and a future through responsible and sustainable development.



Additional Information

Founded in 2001 on 2.5 hectares of land, 30 minutes from Phnom Penh city centre, Samrong Farm has developed into one of Cambodia's most pioneering development projects. The project can now boast the first 'market garden' greenhouse in Cambodia, electricity driven by solar panels, 2,500 free range chickens, cows, geese, fruit and vegetable gardens. It supports 9 full time staff and, most importantly, provides a home and rounded education for 70 children aged between 6-18 years old. Volunteers from around the world teach the children English and western farming techniques while themselves benefitting from a unique Cambodian experience. Samrong Farm is run by volunteers at WWCF (Worldwide Children Farms) who are based in Holland. The overheads are minimal (circa 7%) and therefore more than 90% of overseas funds go directly to Samrong in Cambodia. Until the project achieves its goal of becoming self sufficient, donations come from around the world and the organisation is always pleased to hear from any individual or company interested in becoming a sponsor.

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