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Since 2006 Glad’s House has been delivering holistic support to thousands of children and young people that live on the streets, in prisons and on dumpsites in Mombasa, Kenya. We work with the children and young people who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society, those who everyone else has given up on. Without Glad’s House, the children and young people we support would have little option but to remain on the streets with all the dangers that life on the streets brings. We ensure that children and young people have the opportunity to grow up safely, have the chance for an education, and are supported to fulfil their potential. Children need trustworthy adults; adults to help them survive, to protect them, and to bring some fun to their lives. We aim to be that adult to every child and young person on the streets, in prisons and on dumpsites


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2017/18 Outreach: We provided safe spaces for 1,285 children and young people on the streets and on dumpsites to play, learn and access support and guidance. Prisons: We provided support to 552 children and young people who are detained in the Juvenile and Adult Justice systems Transition: We worked intensively with 35 children and young people to support some of them into foster care, independent living or to return back to their communities Advocacy: We are challenging the current government policy of criminalising homelessness in Mombasa.

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