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The Southover Partnership is a leading independent special needs organisation. We offer a three-pronged approach to special needs including The Southover Partnership School for children with behaviour, emotional, learning and social difficulties and autism and for those who have been multiply excluded, an in-school support service to support student's learning, behaviour, social and emotional development in the mainstream school classroom and training and consultancy for LAs, schools and other educational bodies. We are passionate about exceptional learning experiences and committed to empowering children to enable them to achieve.



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 As an organisation, we are passionate about exceptional learning and teaching experiences and are committed to empowering our children to enable them to achieve and be the greatest they can be. We view ourselves as a family and support members as such. We promote a warm and nurturing environment to enrich all those who are a part of the team, whether an educator or a learner. Unlike other educational organisations, The Southover Partnership prepares individual programmes to suit each pupil, and is constantly exploring pioneering methods of teaching in order to ensure our service is consistently meeting our students’ needs in the best way possible. We really believe that we make a real difference to our community. Our children are our future and our aim is to ensure that every child gains a positive educational experience, and thereby, a positive future.

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