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Mayamiko is working to help people lift themselves out of poverty and end injustice. We watch, we listen, we learn, we act. Through skills training, education, nutrition, sanitation and fairer trade practices. Mayamiko works to support creative talents and turn them into sustainable activities. Mayamiko has a special soft spot for the most vulnerable - women and children.


Poverty Alleviation

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Mayamiko’s vision is to supply UK and worldwide retailers with high quality, ethically produced African-made fashion and homeware. We have created an ethical production unit in Malawi where we train underprivileged women in sewing and CMT. Many of our trainees, especially women, are victims or care for orphans of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Mayamiko has collaborated with Soko Kenya to design our first range of sample products made in Malawi and is currently supplying new label FAIR+True with some pieces for their SS11 collection. As part of our long-term vision, Mayamiko is working to establish sustainable sewing and knitting training schools. We wish to create orders for the highly trained graduates to make fashion for the export market. We use ethical labour standards, locally sourced fabrics and materials, we provide meals, bicycles, childcare and training to TEVETA standards (Technical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational and Training Authority) for our trainees and graduates.

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