The Reformed Multiple Sclerosis Society

Steven Simonyi-Gindele

Blaine, Washington


Multiple Sclerosis is considered an incureable autoimmune disease of unknown cause and origin.  Over 2 million people are affected, about 500,000 in the USA.  Since 2009 a new vascualar treatment for CCSVI which involves opening up the juggular and azygus veins of MS patients has helped tens of thousands of MS patients enjoy a better quality of life with reduced or eliminated MS symptoms.  Formal clinical trials are underway.  Our cause is to make the treatment available to those wanting it now (before the answers are available from the Clinical trials), fund further trials, and assist those who need financial help to obtain this treatment, called the Liberation Therapy.  Our secondary goal is to shift decision making from professionals and bureaucrats and others with financial and professional interests in a disease into the hands of patients affected by an incureable disease.  Patients should be allowed to make informed choices to participate in yet to proven medical discoveries provided they are willing to assume the risks involved.



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Our opposition are the entrenched power groups that divide the annual $15 billion in revenues that the treatment of MS patients generate.  Half the money goes to the pharmaceutical companies and other half to professionals, caregivers, and advocates.

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