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The SOS Africa Charity is a small, non-profit, UK registered, volunteer-run African charity, which funds the education and care of underprivileged African township children. We believe that the only way to break the cycle of poverty which continues to haunt African societies is through the provision of education to Africa’s future generations.


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The SOS Africa charity was founded by gap year student Matt Crowcombe, during his year gap year placement in South Africa, in 2003 and school teacher Henry Matthews from the International School of South Africa in Mafikeng. Whilst on placement, Henry showed Matt around the local townships and introduced him to Thabo Mokete, a young boy who attended Henry's church. Henry also showed Matt around the local schools which have average class sizes of 200 students!  When Matt returned to the UK, his family decided to pay for Thabo to go to school. This was so successful that Matt and Henry founded the SOS Africa Charity in order to empower more children through education. Now, 8 years on, SOS Africa funds the education and care of 12 children from the local townships and supports two more every year. Last year SOS Africa had a major breakthrough when it partnered Hyundai UK in one of the largest charity projects of the 2010 South Africa Football World Cup. In the future SOS Africa hopes to build its first school and spread its support across Southern Africa.

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