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Sarah Knight


The Grasslands Trust is the only national charity in the UK that focuses exclusively on grasslands. Grassland is the habitat that has been the most affected by intensive farming and we were established in 2002 to address the crisis facing wildlife-rich grasslands in the UK. Many sites are so small and isolated they no longer provide a sustainable home for the plants and insects that depend on them. In the last seventy years 98% of our wildflower meadows have been destroyed, a habitat that supports many of our best loved species -birds such as the barn owl, skylark, and lapwing; mammals like the hare; plants such as the green-winged orchid; and many types of butterfly and bumblebee.Our aim is to secure grassland sites that are rich in wildlife or important for their beauty, landscape or cultural value. We have the expertise to restore sites back to wildflower rich grasslands – even areas that have been intensively farmed. The Grasslands Trust needs your support to help us reverse this catastrophic decline and save what is now Britain's most threatened habitat.



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