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On-Going Projects In Haiti And The Philippines, Based In Leicester


International Disaster Volunteers (IDV) is a volunteer driven, England and Wales registered charity that works with communities worldwide which have been affected by or are vulnerable to disaster. Our goals are to help survivors achieve sustainable recovery and build more resilient communities both before and after disaster.At IDV we believe that to provide meaningful assistance to disaster affected and at risk communities around the world we have to do more than construct buildings. We need to understand and address the factors that make communities vulnerable to disaster. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind so we can effect change that far outlives our presence. Furthermore, we will make this information available to all volunteers so that they will be empowered to affect positive, long-term change in their day-to-day lives as well as while volunteering.


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IDV was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced disaster response volunteers led by Andy Chaggar. Andy is a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami. After recovering from his extensive injuries, he returned to Thailand and volunteered rebuilding homes. He has since earned his degree in International Development, worked in Peru, and founded IDV. Andy’s extensive academic experience and unique perspective as a disaster survivor are key strengths for IDV. IDV is a different from many other organisations in two key ways: We focus on helping at-risk communities both before and after disaster and we welcome volunteers with no administrative or registration fee. At IDV, we believe that you don’t need to be rich, a doctor, or engineer to help those who need it most. With the guidance of our experienced leaders, anyone can make a difference in the lives of disaster survivors.

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