Alex Epstein

Chief Brand Storyteller

I am available to help, please get in touch.

Skills Offered

  • - Marketing
  • - Strategic Marketing
  • - Advertising
  • - Concept Development
  • - Pr

Personal Introduction

Hi I’m Alex. You may remember me as one of Lord Sugar’s candidates in series 6 of The Apprentice. I’ve joined Pimp My Cause as I think it has the power and potential to make a huge difference to charities and organisations not just in the UK, but all over the world. It’s about crowdsourcing the expertise of talented marketers who are hungry to get involved in making a difference in society. As a Brand, Marketing and PR specialist, I’ve realised that the most successful organisations are often those that can shout the loudest - and that means spending lots of money on big budget campaigns. Not everyone has such deep pockets. There are causes out there with amazing stories waiting to be told - they just need a helping-hand to make themselves heard. By ‘adopting’ a good cause, talented people can help make a big difference, sharing powerful ideas, expertise and creative thought. Pimp My Cause is a new era for charitable organisations - and I’m a staunch supporter! I look forward to helping to spread the Pimp My Cause movement - helping many good causes along the way. Let your own Pimp My Cause story begin.... Get involved!


  • Bsc (Hons) Management with a specialism in Marketing - Manchester Business School


My own background is in communications and brand strategy. I was Head of Communications at Masternaut, one of the UK’s fastest growing technology businesses, which featured in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 in 2007, 2008 and 2009, I worked closely with the founder of the business to help forge a unique brand identity and proposition, helping to create a brand that was distinct and elevated from its many commoditised competitors. We created incredibly successful PR and advertising campaigns, building awareness and advocacy for our unique business. I believe in creating BRANDS - not BLANDS. Brands are enduring, are valuable and create lifelong fans and loyalty. Blands on the other hand wither away and die. You must make a choice! Are you going to be a BRAND or a BLAND? In 2010 I founded The Art of Brand Storytelling, a strategic brand consultancy to help businesses of all shapes and sizes amplify the powerful stories at their heart. As well as providing strategic brand and marketing advice, I regularly speak at business conferences all over the UK - sharing my experiences and ‘brand manifesto’ first hand.

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