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London (With Programmes Around The Uk)


We are a youth-led organisation that helps young people to become agents of change, inspiring others to take small actions which add up to big change towards a cleaner, greener and fairer world.


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The Otesha Project UK is a youth-led charity that mobilises young people to create social and environmental change through their everyday actions. We work with young people aged 14-28 from a diversity of backgrounds, many from marginalised communities. Through our cycle tours and other educational projects we train, support and network youth leaders as they educate thousands of others, reaching over 17,000 beneficiaries in England, Wales and Scotland to date. We also run workshops on local-to-global themes like ethical fashion, home energy use, sustainable transportation and fair trade.More recently, we have focused on ways to combat growing youth unemployment by helping young people find their way into world-changing careers and working to stimulate the green economy in East London. We are currently developing an incubation hub for young people living insocial housing to access training and work experience in green enterprise and a demonstration project in East London that will create pathways into employment for young people who want to work in the green trades.

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