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Kathryn Llewellyn

London, Swansea And Swaziland



Positive Women is a charity set up to empower women and children in Africa, starting with Swaziland. Our work focuses on supporting local organisations and communities by helping them to change their own lives and circumstances and by alleviating poverty to make significant social progress. To achieve this, they must have their basic needs met, choices in their lives and an understanding of their rights. We help make this happen.


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Positive Women is the coming together of The Children of Swaziland and Swaziland Positive Women, two established and successful charities already in operation. The founders of these charities -- Siphiwe Hlophe and Kathryn Llewellyn – saw huge potential to develop the work that both organisations undertake, so pioneered Positive Women as an innovative and forward-thinking project that reaches all eight of the Millennium Development Goals. Our work focuses on supporting women to change their own lives and circumstances. We support them and their families in projects that will help allievate poverty and make significant social change. Through education of their children and HIV/Aids orphans, through women-led income generation projects and through our legal work, Positive Women is helping the women of Swaziland and their families secure their basic needs, and empower them to secure a different, better future.

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