To help people who have found themselves a victim of cirucmstance.  To bring a sense of self worth by increasing awareness of creativity by teaching jewellery making, and providing a retail space to market the jewellery. To help people build confidence by interacting with potential customers. To increase computer literacy and basic numerical and literary skills by encouraging the use of  marketing sites such as ebay, Amazon, gum Tree etc. To encourage education and life long learning skills via a different route from the traditional school based path.


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I am a fifty six year old woman with a son who has complex health needs. I became ill myself at the age of fifty, and now after a long struggle an fighting fit and raring to go! I have just opened a jewellery making bead shop and am currently working with women who have undergone challenging times in their lives, as I have done myself. For me jewellery making started as a hobby then became a life line to the outside world. I am currently selling to customers worldwide.  My first custmer was a lady from Sydney Australia. I only sell presently through facebook as I dont have the technical knowledge or cash to set up my own website. I am working closely with an organisation by the name of Taste of Enterprise, a Government based scheme which provides me with business advice and practical help. I am also a level 1 award winner with Unltd. I am educateed to degree level, having attained a BA hons. in English Literature from Cardiff University in 1999 at the age of 44. I am also a qualified nurse. I started my project because although I have many life skills and the education to back them up, because I was struck by illness at very much the wrong age (50) I found myself on the scrapheap.  I have chosen education and skills as a path, but my cause could fit into many differnt categories, such as health, children and youth, disability and mental health. I really could do with some help though and I know that my project will appeal to many organisations and will offer practical help to those who very much need an alternative to traditional methods of help. I do not have a cause website, so I have added the selling page for That's Gorgeous jewellery.

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