John Marsden


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London And Aston Clinton

Skills Offered

  • - Strategic Marketing
  • - Business Development
  • - Networking

Personal Introduction

Hi everyone, I run Innvotec, one of the longest running, independent venture capital fund managers in the UK and through my work I have supported the growth of over 60 technology-based companies in which Innvotec funds have invested. In most of these I have been a non-executive director giving all sorts of business advice . I have mentored and continue to mentor many entrepreneurs to business success (including the creator of Pimp my Cause) and have joined Pimp my Cause to make my all-round expertise, experience and mentoring skills available to good causes that seek to use the techniques and approaches of business to create a better world.  I am particularly interested in 3 types of good cause; Firstly, those that promote sustainability and thus help preserve the environment; Secondly, those that help younger people find work and gainful employment Finally, those that look-after the interests of children


  • Chartered Accountant.


John is a qualified Chartered Accountant by training but his work experience over 35+ years has brought about a detailed working knowledge of traditional markerting and sales methods and a depth of knowledge in many areas of "technology", and its implementation.

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