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'Education is the key to developing countries'. This remark of Princess Anne in an interview on an ITV This Morning Programme, which featured her charity work in Africa, lends credence to the need to support educational initiatives in Africa.Book Aid for Africa (BAFA) is a UK registered Charity (a non-profit organisation) with a mission to make a difference in the educational landscape in Africa. The initiative is promoting excellence in education in Africa through the provision of good quality books to under-resourced libraries in the remotest parts of Africa, and also making other educational resources available to schools and colleges in Africa.


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Shipping of books is a major part of our activity. Books collected from different sources are sorted and packed by volunteers and are shipped in 20-foot sea containers that hold 20,000 to 25,000 units. BAFA will not succeed without the support of individuals and organisations. The Charity depends on the financial contributions of organisations to help finance the cost of packaging and shipping of books to Africa. It costs between 700 to 3,500 pounds to ship books to Africa, depending on quantity and port of destination. We are desperately in need of funds to meet the requests for books in different parts of Africa.

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