Bright Red

Catriona Taylor

Head Of Operations

Newcastle Upon Tyne


Bright Red is a charity established to improve the lives and treatment of people in the north of England who are dealing with blood cancer. Through care, research and education we are striving to beat illnesses such as leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma myelodysplasia and myeloproliferative diseases.



Additional Information

We are a regional cancer charity based in Newcastle with two members of staff working across the north of England.

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Help Wanted Ads

Aug 01, 2019

Regular giving marketing campaign to sponsor nursing post(s)


We're really excited to be funding vital nursing posts across five regional hospitals. We are committed to long term funding of these five posts and are looking to run a regular giving campaign around our funding of these nurses. We have the idea of 'sponsoring a nurse' where people can set up a regular giving donation to the charity with the money raised being restricted to the funding of these nursing posts. We have the digital resource to create a campaign page and to set up regular giving and would really appreciate support in putting together the marketing aspects of the campaign to share the best message with our current audience and new audiences. We are a blood cancer charity and September is blood cancer awareness month and so hope to be able to launch the campaign to tie in with this awareness month.

Skills Required

  • Branding
  • Customer Insight
  • Pr
  • Concept Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Posted on Apr 24, 2019

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