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Marie Langan

Project Manager For The South West


Cranfield Trust is a national charity taking practical action to support the development of successful voluntary sector organisations. For 30 years, we have been transforming organisations by sharing business skills with charities to empower learning and improve lives. We are able to offer all of our services at no cost, thanks to the generous support of funders, individual donors, corporate partners and our network of skilled volunteers. To benefit from our support, your charity needs to meet the following criteria: •Your primary purpose must be addressing the needs of poverty, disability or social exclusion. •You must be a formally constituted non-profit with a board of trustees, such as a registered charity or Community Interest Company (CIC). •You need to have sufficient time available to work with our volunteers, who advise and facilitate, rather than taking the work away from you. •You must be based in the UK, even if supporting work overseas. Any project undertaken must be agreed by your charity's trustees and CEO.


Poverty Alleviation

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Volunteer with The Cranfield Trust - pro bono marketing and management consultancy opportunities throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The Cranfield Trust is a leading provider of pro bono business support for the voluntary sector. The Trust is a national charity and for 30 years we have been adding value to the lives of people across the country by providing free business skills to help build successful charities. Our remit for consultancy projects is to support organisations addressing issues of poverty, disability and social exclusion. Every year our network of over 1,000 highly skilled volunteer management consultants share their knowledge and experience with charities, by providing independent advice and support on everything from business planning to charity governance, financial management, HR and marketing. We are currently looking to recruit new volunteers to work with charities and non profit organisations on marketing, PR and business development projects or to join our mentoring programme. Volunteering time input (face to face and/or remote) ranges from 2 - 12 days, with projects typically lasting between 3 and 6 months, depending on the volunteers' and clients' timetables. Projects are specified to fit around the volunteers' work and personal commitments, rather than taking solid blocks of time. Mentoring is also becoming an increasingly important part of our offer and one we are keen to provide. Leaders of voluntary organisations find it valuable to have someone from outside the sector who asks the right questions, builds confidence, and brings a new perspective. These may be personal mentors, to support organisational leaders or mentors the organisation as a whole, working with staff and trustees/Boards. Most of our volunteers report how much they learn from their projects - about managing resources, motivating people, and simply achieving a lot with very little. Their help is highly valued by the client charities, and volunteer feedback often reminds us of the huge contribution charities make to social problems that affect us all. If you are a skilled marketing professional, confident operating as an independent consultant or adviser, The Cranfield Trust would love to hear from you.

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Help Wanted Ads

May 31, 2019

Help a Community Centre in Bristol with its communications strategy


We are looking for a volunteer with all round experience in marketing and communications to mentor a management and trustee team at a medium to large community organisation in south Bristol in developing a communications strategy. The project is expected to last 6 months and meetings will be 1 or 2 hour meetings approximately once a month to guide the team through the process and share professional experience and knowledge. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please feel free to contact me. You will need to become a Cranfield Trust volunteer and join our community of skilled volunteers across the UK.

Skills Required

  • Business Development
  • Pr
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Posted on May 19, 2019

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