Ella Vize

Operations Manager

I am available to help, please get in touch.

Skills Offered

  • - Networking
  • - Concept Development
  • - Customer Insight
  • - Branding

Personal Introduction

Even though I am not a marketeer I work for a digital skills agency with access to hundreds of the worlds' best freelance marketing professionals. I can also support on any operational struggles a charity may be facing.


Ella is yet to share this information.


Ella is an Operations Manager with an unparalleled flair for logistics, scalability and people management. Her unique background (which includes studying languages at one of the UK's top universities, training at one of the world's best drama schools and nearly 10 years working as a successful actor before transitioning into the world of executive assistance and finally Operations Management) means she brings an astounding level of insight and creativity to her work. She now works for UpSkill Digital, a leading digital skills training agency, where she manages a talent team of over 100 international freelancers and is in charge of logistics and scheduling for hundreds of events annually. Clients include some of the world's most recognised brands such as Google, Apple, Beats and Lloyds Banking Group to name just a few. Currently focusing on scaling the business across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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