Bristol Link With Beira

Dominik Byrne

Project Lead


Bristol Link with Beira uses the the power of collaboration and partnership to grow sustainable impact on Beira in Mozambique. Our core is to support the voices and programmes of marginalised communities in Beira, Mozambique. We support the city in a number of different ways, through programme development, projects and research, with this include establishing and developing a sustainable school exchange programme, cultural exchanges and health and other local council initiatives. For example we have a schools rebuilding and improvement project. To promote city to city networks and to identify links between ideas and opportunities that bring about sustainable change between Beira and Bristol. Our Core values are partnerships, sustainability, equality, participation, empowerment and accountability


Poverty Alleviation

Additional Information

We work with key partners both in Bristol and in Beira making it more sustainable for the charity to operate. Our operations model is based on collaborative working and makes us a lean organisation. Our main partner in Beira is our in country deliver partner Adel Sofala. They help deliver, resource and evaluate our programmes on the ground. Our other parters are also Mission Educate, the Mayor of Beira and the British High Commission. Our work is more important than ever as of March 14th when the biggest Cyclone to hit Africa destroyed 90% of the city. All our Beira schools sustained huge amounts of damaged and the communities we have been supporting for 30 years were some of the worst effected. We need help with our branding and and channels of communication such as social media . Currently we don't have the skills internally or the resources to externally appoint someone or an agency. This will help us grow and increase the work we do in Beira.

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Help Wanted Ads

Sep 01, 2019

Marketing Help Required for small charity in need


Dear All Marketers. We are a small charity that is starting its first growth agenda to increase our impact and support to marginalised communities in Beria. We need help with helping us modernise our website, brand as well as help us with our marketing strategies and social media channels. We don't have the resources to do this internally and this is very much needed if we are to attract the funding and partners we need to keep supporting our communities.

Skills Required

  • Web Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Seo
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding

Posted on Jul 09, 2019

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