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Support the career and skills growth of a worldwide community as its members become advanced practitioners of Salesforce cloud technology, whilst promoting diversity and inclusion, inspiring under-represented groups and building confidence and self-belief.


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There's a global community of professionals who use, implement and build applications on cloud technology provided by, and look to grow their skills and abilities to establish credibility as senior practitioners (Salesforce technical and solution architects) in this space. Thereafter referred to as the "Salesforce community". We: Host online study webinars Deliver presentations at industry and community conferences worldwide Create study resources and distribute them online Record podcast discussions Share personal learning stories from the Salesforce community Create mentoring opportunities Organise networking events Facilitate design workshops Give prizes and branded items as rewards for certification achievement Engage with the Salesforce community through social media, videos, presentations, workshops and blogs Our community benefits from: Being able to use our study materials to help them meet certification requirements Building their own network of like-minded individuals Seeing women leading in a space where they are under-represented, thus promoting an inclusive environment Gaining a better understanding of what is required to pass the most difficult and impactful certifications Learning how experienced practitioners apply their knowledge to optimise solutions on Salesforce Gaining confidence in their own ability from seeing the CIC lead by example Building confidence by reading about the achievements of others within the community Mentorship from highly skilled and experienced Salesforce practitioners Being inspired by the personal journeys the CIC showcases within the Salesforce community And through our activities, we: Promote diversity and inclusion in a huge and growing technology sector Create study resources for those aspiring to complete Salesforce's more advanced certifications Grow the Salesforce architect workforce to match market demand Create a supportive learning environment for the Salesforce community Lead by example by actively and publicly preparing for the most advanced Salesforce certifications Inspire confidence for all community members who would otherwise not undertake this development path Encourage others to develop their careers to become Salesforce architects Make the career path to Salesforce architect more accessible

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Help Wanted Ads

Aug 09, 2019

We need a bit of help!


Hi! We've got two logos and a really naff slide deck. We are starting to grow up a bit (over 4000 followers worldwide) and are presenting regularly at conferences. We also run our own study groups. We need: - a slide deck template - brand colours - a roller banner design - a "scenario" design (basically a document - will explain) We want to incorporate our existing logos, but we have no brand colours. I'm also wondering if there's the opportunity to design a font. We're good at ideas. Just need the expertise behind them! We've been getting by using our Canva subscription and that's been really fun to date, but not something we have expertise in. We would love to work with someone who can take a look at our values (diversity, inclusivity, technical prowess, hard work, determination and friendship) and existing brand (sunflowers, books, women, mountains, hard hats) and help us weave this into our materials and brand.

Skills Required

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

Posted on Aug 03, 2019

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