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By providing an online service where users can exchange re-usable building materials, DIYgogo seeks to reduce the amount of construction waste that is incinerated or land filled. Our goals - • To increase the up-cycling of construction materials. • To reduce the use of unsustainable disposal chains. • To increase property maintenance and restoration opportunities for all.



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Company Structure DIYgogo Community Interest Company is a private company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with the Community Interest Company Regulator, registered number 11385877. The registered office address is Jury’s Gap Farmhouse, Jury’s Gap, Camber, East Sussex, TN31 7SH. Incorporated 31st May 2018 with 3 directors, and 2 part time staff. INTENTIONS We intend to scale the project to provide a UK wide service. Our annual target from the launch of the smartphone application is 5000 registered users, 25,000 completed exchanges and financial sustainability. Our statistics will be reviewed quarterly within the year. BENFITS - DIYgogo will increase the up-cycling of construction materials that can be reused, reducing the demand on virgin materials used for producing new products, and all environmental cost resultant of this process; mining, production C02, distribution C02, packaging etcetera. - DIYgogo will be an example of the benefits that up cycling can bring, and will be an active component in the circular economy. This will also reduce the use of unsustainable disposal chains, such as incineration and landfill. - DIYgogo may reduce the occurrence of flytipping - this especially moot with the closure of many tips. - Users of the service will benefit from the availability of cheaper/free building materials, creating more property maintenance and restoration opportunities for all. OVERHEADS We intend to cover our costs with user donations made through the Stripe Gateway. We have alternative income streams if this proves to be unsuccessful.

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Dec 09, 2019

App development


We feel that one of the keys to market for DIYgogo is a service that is easy and convenient to use, so we would like to condense the current website into a native app, initially available on Android systems, and potential for iOS systems in the future. The cost of hiring an app developer is beyond our budget, and current online app development platforms do not provide enough customisation. We would be hugely grateful for any assistance offered.

Skills Required

  • Web Development

Posted on Sep 10, 2019

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