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THE SOCKSTAR PROJECT MISSION STATEMENT: “SUPPORTING THE BASIC NEEDS OF WILDLIFE RANGERS, WHOEVER, HOWEVER, WHEREVER.” WHAT WE DO: The SockStar Project acts as an intermediary between wildlife rangers and the projects they work for. We work with larger conservation efforts to ensure that basic welfare needs are being met appropriately. This is done by supplying rangers with improved/renewed personal equipment, such as boots, socks, feminine hygiene products, dental care products, underwear and so many other options, depending on the stated requirements from each project. We aim to champion diversity and look to support projects that are critically underfunded so that our efforts can make more of a direct impact on the livelihood of every single wildlife ranger. HOW DO WE DO IT? By maintaining a flexible approach to each project, we listen to their welfare requests and act accordingly. Capital is raised via donations, and we are proud to have spent every penny we raise on our brave rangers, we are a 100% non-profit, and are excited to keep that reputation for as long as possible. We focus our marketing on a student community which gives us the ability to interact with the future stewards of the environment. We are in constant communications with the project resource managers to ensure that our resources are efficiently spent, and thus, allow self-audit. All funds are restricted to ranger welfare only, guaranteeing rangers get every bit of support we give. We have partnered with the Born Free Foundation, who manage our financials, allowing us free reign to focus on the meaningful things, ‘reinforcing our rangers’! PLANS TO GROW: The use of focussed social media, combined with fast-track personal networking is important to grow our supporter base. In terms of large-scale capital fundraising, the aim of collaborating with larger brands, corporate firms and high-net-worth individuals is crucial to ensure scale growth. In the meantime, monthly subscribers of >£2 ensure our monthly revenue is sustainable so that we can keep supporting wildlife rangers.



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