Hearts Of Compassion Ministry

James Williams



Aspires to bring educational and health programs, food and disaster relief assistance to Holmes County.


Children and Youth

Additional Information

Hearts of Compassion Ministry's after-school learning program geared towards the under-served youth of Durant, MS. This program seeks to give them the same educational advantage as their privileged peers. Some of the under-served youths do not have a computer or internet access, this puts them at a disadvantage in technology when other peers in their community, and this disparity has been shown to hinder their academic results. Our support for funding the program will come from donors, local business, grants, and fundraising. The efforts put forth in the program will generate success for the community by building student confidence and improving academic achievements. We're seeking to help the under-served youth in the community by helping them with educational help through mentoring and technology. Under-served youth deserve to have a fair opportunity at achieving their educational goals just as their privileged peers. These changes will come about by mentoring the youths, while providing them with an after-school learning experience through technology. This will enhance their education by providing them with academic focused internet access to further their on-line learning experience, while eliminating unwanted, or disruptive, internet access which causes distractions from their overall learning ability. Utilizing student and parent surveys, as well as academic achievements, we will measure our program success. This will also provide opportunities for improvements and reflection based on the feedback we receive to ensure that we continue to provide relevant and sustainable services that are purposeful for our youth, and relevant to our mission. We also have programs for the elderly population. One of our programs is called "Hearts to Lawn." We cut the lawn of elderly who are 60 years old or older, as long as they own the property and the lawn is a half acre or less. We also issue out facemasks to the community during this Covid crisis. We will implement programs where we will have guests speakers discussing the importance of health. We will host various health related lectures throughout the year. We will host about these events yearly. Your support will greatly help us to fund these events and programs.

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Sep 18, 2020

My organization needs a video about bullying


Hearts of Compassion Ministry is seeking to have a video made about bullying.

Skills Required

  • Videography

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

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