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Monday State of Mind is the weekly e-newsletter, highlighting what businesses and technology are doing for mental health - and what we can do for our own. Its mission is to encourage businesses and tech companies to use their influence to improve mental health in society; by raising awareness of both the good and bad that corporations, tech companies and social media platforms are, could and should be doing. To do this, I provide a platform for the most game-changing campaigns, tech innovations and workplace initiatives; to share ideas among this global movement, while also providing the latest news, tech, tools and tips available for anybody. The goal is to grow my already international audience and become a go-to resource for improving mental health, in ourselves, the workplace and society at large.



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I've been running MSOM for almost a year, alone and with next to no social media presence and zero marketing budget. In that time, I've built over 1,200 subscribers, including many influential people in business, tech and charity, with an above average 50% open rate. MSOM has become highly regarded by those at the forefront of the mental health movement; a must read for hose involved in mental health and wellbeing through work and partnered with many leading mental health organisations. Meanwhile, it's attracted an equally highly-engaged audience of everyday people, interested in improving their own mental health. I'm keen to find people who can help me take it up another level, by essentially helping in the areas I'm terrible at. While my skills in writing, curation and talking about emotions seem to be on point, my technical, technological and social media abilities are frankly woeful. Help me...!

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Oct 25, 2020

Digital marketing wizard for mental health start-up


Monday State of Mind is a weekly e-newsletter, highlighting what businesses and tech are doing for mental health - and what we can do for our own. MSOM encourages major corporations and tech companies to use their influence to improve mental health in society, while also giving every day people the latest news, tech, tools and tips for maintaining mental health, in their lives and work. Having built a small, growing base of highly engaged and influential readers, without any social media or technical skills, I'm looking for help to grow the audience and build towards a newsletter subscription service, providing unique content and insights to de-stigmatise and improve mental en mass. I'm hoping to find someone, or some people, who can help in the any or all of the following areas: ** Social media marketing and management (most likely Linkedin & Twitter but advice is welcome!) ** Email marketing - including data analytics ** Email newsletter platform expertise (currently on Mailchimp and looking to improve on that - but I'm not sure where or how) I'm open to how the working relationship works - at minimum, some consultation would be useful, but I'd love to have someone who could dedicate some time ongoing. I am looking to turn this into a business (the potential is very good - happy to send more info on such plans), so I'm hoping there's also scope for longer term paid work, if it goes well! (apologies if this is vague - I've never done this before....! All questions are of course welcome :))

Skills Required

  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Seo
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Insight

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

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