Parents For Window Blind Safety

Linda Kaiser

Executive Director


Parents for Window Blind Safety is a non-profit 501c3 that educates the public about the hazard areas on window covering products, advocates for safer standards in the industry, and created the first window covering certification program in 2005, which certifies and tests and promotes window coverings for safety.


Children and Youth

Additional Information

You may wonder what makes someone interested in working on window blind safety? In seconds I lost my precious twin 18 years ago from a cord I thought was safe. Cheyenne took her little hand and pulled on the cord that ran in between the slats of the blind and created a deadly loop. I had no idea that could happen. Multiply my accident times a thousand and that is my reason for the work that I do. So many parents have lost their children. I am in desperate need for help in the marketing of this charity so I can continue to help educate new parents and grandparents on the hazards of window covering cords.

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Help Wanted Ads

Oct 15, 2020

Social Media Planner


Our organization needs some fresh ideas on how to market our organization. COVID seems to have put a lull on just about everything and everybody. We have lost a lot of resources. We need a team to help plan a powerful marketing concept so we can educate consumers about hazards in the home, especially window blind cords. We also need volunteers to implement this plan until we can get back on our social media feet.

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Seo
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Pr
  • Customer Insight

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

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