To improve the wellbeing of newborns requiring medical care by the development of technology solutions specifically designed for them



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As a Neonatal Consultant I want to overcome the barriers that prevent the recent great innovations in technology helping to support the babies that i care for in our neonatal intensive care unit. New technologies provide opportunities to improve the care we give, support a more family centred care and potentially save money for out health service. I am working with a team from the Univeristy of Cambridge to try and realize this goal. We need some support to help give us a brand and an image to sell our message: Babies deserve to benefit from innovative technology Newborns in intensive care need bespoke innovative solutions Innovations in technology can make newborn care better and more family centred

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Nov 10, 2020



We need inspiration and advice on branding and logo design. We have a name and logo - NEWTS - based on our primary product which allows wireless monitoring of babies that are in intensive care - but feel it doesn't truly communicate our aim which is 'To improve the medical care of newborn babies and insure they share in the benefits of new technologies'. We are a collaboration between University of Cambridge Addenbrookes Hospital and the the Univeristy Department of Engineering and have support from the Judge business school as we establish this social enterprise. We need help - to convey this message simply - with a clear brand and logo. We are keen to improve the lives of babies, families and the NHS. Please get in touch if you can help Kathryn and Oliver (NEWTS)

Skills Required

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding

Posted on Oct 11, 2020

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