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Shropshire ECO-HERITAGE promotes participation within all communities; forming a local network of environmental projects that endorse communities and individuals to work together to share ideas which lead to enhanced skills whilst improving local environments for the future.Shropshire ECO-HERITAGE is committed to the promotion of volunteer involvement in practical environmental conservation within our natural heritage landscapes and local green spaces. The belief that individuals and communities should drive these projects is the key to ECO-HERITAGE operations.However, volunteers should never be seen as free labour. Dedication and commitment should be recognised and rewarded. ECO-HERITAGE wishes to demonstrate the benefits and value of volunteer effort through the return to individuals, the wider community and Shropshire as a whole. Green spaces are protected; wildlife diversity is encouraged and enhanced, skills are learnt, food is produced locally benefiting the global climate, fuel and woodland products are produced sustainably, children and young people are introduced to and contribute to their natural heritage, health and well-being are promoted and community cohesion is encouraged.


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We do not currently have a website set up but wish this, along with a better logo to be one of the first steps we take.

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