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Angga Kara

Head Coach


Our Mission - Normalise honest conversations on male mental health & masculinity. - Explore masculinity and what it means to be a man in the modern world. - Provide safe spaces to facilitate conversation with confidentiality & respect. - To be accessible to males, regardless of background, age or heritage. Did you know that 75% of people who take their own lives are men, yet only 36% of talking therapy session referrals are from men? (Men’s Health Forum). Our mission is to change these statistics.



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We are BAME lead and open to all. Our community of 130+ men ranges from ages of 18-72 from 15 different heritage backgrounds. It's a cross-cultural and cross-generational space which helps brings perspectives, bridges and understanding that currently is very rare in the modern world. We provide men with ‘safe space conversations’ about mental health, masculinity whilst developing their self-awareness and social-awareness within a supportive network. We work with empathy, not group therapy. We space we create is a group coaching sessions as a place of learning with concepts from positive psychology, leadership, to esoteric practices which is lead by our community. They often take place in traditionally male dominated spaces such as barbershops, gyms or pubs, with our aim being to change the conversations that are had in these spaces. The sessions are based on our tried and tested unique philosophy which has been developed since 2017 through constant feedback from men in previous sessions. As a result of this, these sessions can sell out within hours often with a waiting list, proving the demand is there. Additionally, we also hold volunteer led informal meet-ups for men, annual academic symposiums discussing masculinity collaborating with Sheffield Hallam University, ‘Dad’s in Business’ support group which is a doing pilot project with Amazon corporate. During CV19, we’ve amped our support to run weekly group sessions on zoom (±12 regular attendance), 28 sessions so far. We've managed to create an men's growing allotment project for BAME men to feel belonging to in nature and men's guided foraging walks. The link of nature and mental health is backed by science, unfortunately the access to nature / mindset / knowledge for BAME men in particular are limited even though it's in their doorstep. BAME men are struggling, we want to continue this support linked to one of the recommendations to “Develop a culturally competent health promotion and disease prevention programmes” (PHE Beyond the data: Understanding the impact of COVID19 on BAME groups)

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