Humanitarian And Charitable One Trust (Hacot)

Dr Amir Lakha


Mombasa, Kenya


Mission Statement of HACOT: To uplift human dignity and quality of life Vision of HACOT: Poverty, illiteracy and ill health are three important factors that deprive the human race from its entitlement of enjoying a reasonable life. Currently, in some areas the needs of the poor and needy remain unfulfilled while the potential donors do not know where and how to donate and whether their donation will be spent in the intended way. HACOT shall endeavour to serve effectively both the needy and the donors. Aims of HACOT: • Prevention or relief of poverty, financial hardship and unemployment • Provision of low cost housing with clean drinking water and safe sanitation • Relief of sickness • Advancement of education


Poverty Alleviation

Additional Information

HACOT CENTRE at Mombasa will offer training and assistance to poor and needy individuals residing in the Coast Province of Kenya to enable them to become self-sufficient in food and also generate income. We are keen to assist ladies, gents, youths and elderly who are unemployed or are employed but not earning enough to make ends meet and also those who own a small business that is not doing well. Training will be provided to groups of trainees from the Coast Province on (1) Agriculture Crops – How to increase yields and market the crops (2) Livestock Farming – How to increase yields of milk, eggs and achieve success in breeding livestock (3) Agro Forestry and Carbon trading scheme – How to grow plants ready for sale to ready buyers (4) Fish Farming – How to build Fish ponds and breed fish and also techniques in sea fishing (5) Business start-ups and Microfinance HACOT CENTRE consists of (A) A large Hall with capacity for 150 trainees (beneficiaries) for training (B) 2 offices for Office Secretary and Manager respectively (C) A modern 3 Bedroom house to accommodate international visitors, volunteers, advisers and trainers (D) Livestock houses for cows, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits – for practical demonstration to trainees (E) 3 shops – (1) Agro Dealer shop - sells high quality seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, farming equipment and tools at lowest prices (2) Livestock shop - sells good quality cows, goats, chicken, ducks, rabbits, eggs and milk at the lowest prices (3) Food produce and Grocery shop – sells good quality produce at lowest prices


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