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Val Bishop

Head Of Communications


To work with partners in Africa to empower communities to demand their rights.Informed by our partners African Initiatives raises awareness of injustice, interdependence and promotes positive images of the global south in the UK.


Poverty Alleviation

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What do you do in a world filled with injustice? You change it. African Initiatives is a social justice organisation who works with community-based partners in Africa to empower communities to demand their rights. We work to see a world where everyone has their voice heard and is able to challenge injustice and exercise their rights. This means that together with African partners and the communities in which they work, we fight to realise the rights of marginalised people so that they can enjoy the same basic freedoms and resources as us. We share our learning with communities in the UK and Africa to change perceptions, challenge inequality and increase understanding of global interdependence. Currently working on land and property rights, sustainable and organic farming, women's rights, Reproductive Health, education, HIV and AIDs, economic empowerment and community advocacy. As a small charity, we have lacked resources and the capacity to promote our work to a wider audience in the UK. The post of Head of Communications has been newly created this year to specifically focus on these themes. Our UK work is showcased through our website

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