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Mitchelle Katsande

Head Of Marketing


Our mission is a future in which every purchase shapes a just and sustainable world. We deeply believe that businesses can be the answer for humanity's biggest challenges. Solving the affordable housing and climate change crisis is as much about our values and what Australia stands for, as it is for the future lives of our families on the receiving end. Home for a Home In one of the least trusted industry in Australia, the finance industry, we are the first and only social enterprise mortgage brokerage committing up to 50% of our profits towards affordable housing and climate change. Every time we fund a home loan to help a family buy their dream home, another family also gets the chance to rebuild their home. We fund those projects and support families particularly impacted by climate change and bushfires in Australia. We also fund micro-finance projects (no interest loans) in the Asia Pacific region that help give families an opportunity to build a home. On average, every three thousand dollars we fund, equates to a home being built in the region. Per customer on average, we fund $1,200 funding almost half of the project. The future? Our vision is ambitious - we want to secure 1% of the home buying market in Australia by 2030. What would be the impact of that? $55mil funding from the finance sector funding projects that transform lives that need it the most. We know it may sound impossible, and it is, but we've already made $15k+ in donations within the first 6 months of formation. And that's just the beginning with a few university recent graduates. Imagine the possibilities of what we could do together with a brilliant marketing expert! Join us today and leave your unique fingerprint on this mission.


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This has been founded in February 2020. We have had support from various organisations including accounting firms, Parramatta council and Macquarie University.

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