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Petia Tzanova


Cardboard Citizens aims to change the lives of homeless and marginalised people through theatre and the performing arts.


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Established in 1991, Cardboard Citizens is the UK’s only homeless people’s professional theatre company.  We believe that the performing arts can be an instrument for personal and social change. We work with Londoners who are homeless or at risk of becoming so: young people not in employment, education or training, ex-offenders, refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, people dealing with alcohol and substance misuse, and those who are poor, vulnerably housed, or otherwise excluded from the rest of society. We work in partnership with London’s main homelessness service providers to deliver Theatrical performances with homeless actors in hostels and community venues Performing arts workshops at centres for the arts and the homeless Individual advice and guidance All our programmes of work feed into each other, creating what we call a virtuous circle of engagement: performances in hostels allow us to recruit new workshop participants; as they develop their skills and confidence, workshop participants can become peer mentors, volunteer for the company or be employed as professional actors - helping in turn to recruit new company members. They are supported throughout their progression by a dedicated Information Advice and Guidance Worker. And finally, our award-winning theatre productions featuring homeless and ex-homeless actors aim to break down stigmas attached to homelessness: this is another important way we can make sure that people who have been homeless can successfully re-integrate society. 

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