The Cavernoma Society

We support those affected (patients, carers, friends, and family) by a rare neurological condition called Cavernoma. A Cavernoma is a lesion in the brain or spine made up of abnormal blood vessels which bleed and can cause strokes, seizures, and other neurological deficits. The condition is not well understood in the medical world, so our aim is to build awareness and educate people. 1 in 600 of us has a Cavernoma, yet it’s still considered rare. We want to fun research into the condition in order to encourage earlier diagnosis and better treatment for the condition. we also provide practical and emotional support.

Information video/animation to help members with a rare neurological condition

Dec 01, 2019

We are a new charity and want to create a help/info/support video for members diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Cavernoma. It’s a lesion in the brain or spine which can cause strokes, seizures, disability and death. It affects people of all ages, including babies. When diagnosed, members are often scared and feel alone. Hospitals don’t have enough info about the condition and neurologists don’t either. If we can make a video that can be distributed in hospitals and to members, it’ll help thousands of people who are diagnosed every year.


The Cavernoma Society

Skills Required

  • Videography

Posted on Aug 19, 2019


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