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London Arts in Health Forum is a membership organisation which aims to develop the role of culture in wellbeing and to promote and support arts in health activity across London and nationally. LAHF supports artists and health professionals across the whole of London and beyond, promoting excellence and engagement in the field of arts and wellbeing, and extending the reach of the arts to communities and individuals who would otherwise be excluded. Many people are excluded from mainstream arts opportunities, yet it is often these people whose health and wellbeing could be most enhanced through such engagement. Through its activities, LAHF works to promote, develop and support the understanding of what the arts can do to contribute to a healthy society, in London and nationally, and by so doing to encourage the use of the arts in settings beyond the mainstream. The organisation’s key ambition for the next five years is to explicitly widen the focus of activities to encompass all sections of society, at risk of exclusion from arts provision, but for whom access to arts activities could enhance wellbeing, social inclusion and strengthen communities.

PR/ Media Help

Sep 19, 2019

We are revamping our charity and want to pull together resources and case studies for journalists. We are a membership organisation and support over 4000 projects in London who provide arts and creative activity to improve health or wellbeing. There are some amazing stories out there and we want to do our best to raise our profile and the profile of these projects. We also hope to make the idea of creativity and wellbeing far more mainstream, we liken it to how mindfulness became a bit of a 'cure all' a few years ago. We have plenty of willing case studies, some great visual stories, lots of compelling evidence and a lot of content gathered already. We just need someone to pull it all together into some kind of accessible and captivating area for our website/media pack which can be sent out to journalists. If anyone wants to work out a news line and do any PR planning/press release writing then we would love you even more! The work can be done remotely and we have no particular deadline.


London Arts in Health Forum

Skills Required

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Posted on Aug 19, 2019


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