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Long before SARS CoV2 emerged the NHS and social care were in crisis. The situation as a result of the multiple impacts of Covid-19 have exacerbated the problems we already had resulting from insufficient funding and a lack of staffing resource. The overall health of the population is deteriorating with an increase in the number of chronic or long term health conditions requiring treatment. The gap between the demand for health and care services and the ability to deliver is widening. This situation is unsustainable and we are seeing the consequences with difficulties in obtaining routing GP appointments, NHS ambulance delays in reaching patients in need and in handover to hospital A&E departments and of course the oft reported huge backlogs in receiving hospital treatment. As we are all living longer, it is important we each do our best to keep ourselves as physically and mentally well as possible. But knowing the actions we might take doesn't always equate with our motivation to act any more than being told what to do. Far better to help people understand the benefits and outcomes they might expect from the actions they take. This three minute video explains a challenge I set myself in 2019 in order to try and gain a national platform for traction in raising awareness of these important personal behaviours. I have a social enterprise, Going for Old CIC which had to be set dormant during the Covid years but is now ready to re- emerge to help. I want to encourage, motivate and inspire people to make iterative small changes to their lifestyle as an investment in their quality of life as they age. I also want to help change perceptions and expectations of ageing and older age. I'm developing workshops and courses that can be delivered either face to face or digitally which will provide people with information giving compellings to improve their health. I completed that challenge and set another in 2021 as part of kickstarting this important message. This film, 62@62, is 20 minutes long but again helps deliver my message: I am known as 'therunninggranny' on social media where I discuss health topics in easy to digest bite sized chunks. FB: therunninggranny Instagram: therunninggranny

Help needed to develop branding and promotional material for courses/workshops on interesting and informative healthcare topics

Aug 31, 2022

I'm a doctor and an endurance runner and passionate about improving the health of everyone to improve quality of life. I use my running activities to help motivate and inspire people to set themselves challenges whatever that might be. I've no special talents but show that by taking small steps over time it is possible to achieve your goals. I currently promote healthy ageing on my social media @therunninggranny on FB and IG and also on my website I'm relaunching the social enterprise Going for Old CIC and am developing informative health courses and workshops to be delivered both face to face and digitally which give people compelling reasons behind the importnat healthcare messages. I could really do with your help and support with promotional material, design and production of flyers including branding for these courses that can be used on social media and possibly in print form.


the running granny / going for old

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding

Posted on Jun 10, 2022


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