A winning campaign for MeeTwo

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

A winning campaign for MeeTwo News Post Image


Huge congratulations to Cathy McManus and Sam Cavenagh of Sudler & Hennessey for winning this year’s Pip Award for young talent from the IPA’s Best of Health Show.

For the third year in a row we have partnered with the IPA on their Pip Award, which is part of their prestigious Best of Health Show that recognizes the best health related marketing campaigns from around the world.

The Pip Award challenges young creatives from health marketing agencies to come up with innovative solutions for one of our cause members. This year’s charity is MeeTwo, a new social enterprise with an award-winning app that gives teens an opportunity to share their anxieties and get help with mental health issues before they become big problems.

McManus and Cavenagh’s ‘MeeTwo Time’ campaign compares the embarrassment people can feel around anxiety with the embarrassment we feel when discussing using the bathroom. The idea consists of TV and Spotify adverts explaining how important ‘letting it out’ is, backed up by posters in public restrooms encouraging teenagers to share their concerns anonymously using the MeeTwo app.

The runners up for the Pip Award were Sadie Mayes and Laura Banks of ICC Health with their entry ‘Express Yourself’.

Being selected for the Pip Award has been a very valuable experience for the causes involved. Last year’s cause Leukaemia UK has just unveiled their incredible re-brand from Frontera London and the Angelus Foundation’s ‘A Trojan High’ campaign with Lime was a big success the year before.

We look forward to seeing how the ‘MeeTwo Time’ campaign unfolds over the coming months.

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