How marketing can bring cultures together

Posted on May 09, 2018

How marketing can bring cultures together News Post Image


Have you ever moved to a new country, needed to learn a new language and understand new customs?

TogetherintheUK provides practical support for people who have come to the UK, to help them feel included in British culture. They put on events to bring people together and provide practical information about living in the UK from the perspective of others who’ve made a similar journey.

We featured their work in our Advent Calendar campaign in December and as a result Martin Truong, Director of Communications and Digital at Webloyalty, stepped forward to offer them support. Martin said, “My family were refugees from Vietnam and a large part of our history was arriving in Exeter and receiving support from a local family to integrate into UK society. I would love to be able to help other families who may be facing a similar situation”.

TogetherintheUK is a volunteer run organisation, but demand for their support is growing and they need to find ways to self-fund their work to build a sustainable future.

Since December Martin has been providing much needed support by helping one of their founders, Teresa Norman, and the team to build a new strategic vision for their organisation. He is also working on improving their marketing strategy to help them connect with more migrants in London through their online marketing channels and events.

Teresa said, “Martin is doing much more for us than just providing marketing advice. His ideas for a new strategic direction for TogetherintheUK include us providing research reports on the migrant experience in the UK. This is a great fit with our work and we’re already starting on our first research project to test out this new direction. And in time we plan to offer this as a paid service".

And to compliment this, Martin is developing with the team a content strategy for TogetherintheUK.

Teresa said, “We are benefitting hugely from Martin's input. Thank you very much for putting us in touch”.

TogetherintheUK is also now looking for a graphic designer who can help them with the look of their new research reports. Please email if you are interested in offering your design expertise.

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